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About Us and Our Mission For Rabbis

The goal of the ITRS is to create a Network of observant Torah Rabbanim  who can use  their resources and contacts to provide assistance to Jewish needs around the world. This can be in the form of emergency medical treatment, challenges of Jewish laws in their countries to helping with visa or legal issues such as being arrested in a foreign country. The connections amongst each and every rabbi is immeasurable. The technology of today can be used for the good of the Jewish people. In its short time of existence, the International To'ein Rabbinical Society has come to help in life and death situations. Rabbanim from around the world want to participate and provide their assistance in any way they can to network for the greater good of the Jewish Rabbanim. Help us today, join now and get connected.


Our Rabbinical Team


Our Staff




Rabbi Daniel Sayani  - Administrator

Rabbi Ari Montanari - Ops Manager

Ari Montanari.jpg
Our Liaisons

Rabbi Shaul Danyiel  - Yeshiva and Publications

Rabbi Shlomo Rizel  - Chaplaincy

Rabbi Aharon Cohn  - Military

Rabbi Cohn.jpg

Rabbi Daniel Zalman Kronegold  - Government Services

Rabbi Naftali Espinoza  - Spanish Operations

Our Global Community


We are networking to support rabbinical leadership globally. Your community is our community.

We need rabbinical leaders for global representation and networking. If your interested contact us.






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